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Today, Apollo Hospitals Group has touched the lives of over 45 million patients from 121 countries. The group, which started out as a 150-bed hospital, is now recognized as a pioneer of private healthcare in India, with 64 hospitals in operation. Apollo Hospitals is known not only as a medical institution but has emerged as an integrated healthcare provider in Asia, specializing also in consultancy, clinics, pharmacy, insurance and holistic therapy.

The very first Apollo Hospital was established in Chennai, in 1983 by Founder Chairman, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, with the mission to bring world-class healthcare to India at a price point that Indians could afford. Before Apollo Hospitals, only certain individuals had the privilege for quality medical treatment as they could afford to travel abroad. The establishment that Apollo Hospitals offer patients, the same level of quality treatment at only a fraction of the global prices, led to a revolution in medical treatment in India. Until today, this cost consciousness approach continues to be a building block of the hospital’s healthcare strategy.

In addition, the company is built on lasting value systems that focuses on excellence, expertise, empathy and innovation. The Apollo Group was the first to invest in pre-requisites for international quality accreditations such as the JCI and to develop centres of excellence Cardiac Sciences, Orthopaedics, Neurosciences, Emergency Care, Cancer and Organ Transplantation. Stringent internal processes and scoring systems ensures the group achieves the very best qualities. Apollo Hospitals took initiatives including the ACE@25 and TASSC, conveying a commitment to global benchmarks and clinical excellence.

Company Vision

Apollo's vision for the next phase of development is to 'Touch a Billion Lives'..


Mission Statement

"Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity."


In India, medical care used to be exclusive to only those privileged enough to afford direct care and treatment. The first innovation was to ensure every person would be able to provide world-class medical care, delivered by professional doctors, nurses, and staff at only the fraction of global prices. Apollo Hospitals has touched the lives of over 45 million patients in 121 countries worldwide.

Clinical Excellence

Over the past three decades, Apollo Hospitals has paved the way for delivering quality medical care and treatments, forging a permanent legacy in Indian healthcare. The group developed several Centres of Excellence to address each patient’s specific needs and requirements: Cardiac Sciences, Orthopaedics, Neurosciences, Emergency Care, Cancer and Organ Transplantation are some of the award-winning facilities offered by Apollo Hospitals.

Apollo Hospitals is driven by reinventing and re-evaluating protocols to ensure the hospital delivers clinical excellence according to the hospital’s set-in-stone benchmarks.

Over the past three decades Apollo Hospitals' transformative journey has forged a legacy of excellence in Indian healthcare. The Group has continuously set the agenda and led by example in the blossoming private healthcare space. One of Apollo's significant contributions has been the adoption of clinical excellence as an industry standard. Apollo pioneered the concept - the group was the first to invest in the pre-requisites that led to international quality accreditation like JCI and also developed centres of excellence in Cardiac Sciences, Orthopaedics, Neurosciences, Emergency Care, Cancer and Organ Transplantation.

Apollo’s prowess in excellence comes from the habit to rigorously re-evaluate and reinvent. Protocols are built, taken apart and built again to ensure that infection control is optimized to extreme levels; stringent internal scoring systems are constructed with the sole objective of ensuring the group matches up with the very best. Apollo’s initiatives like ACE@25 and TASSC are indicators of the commitment to better global benchmarks in clinical excellence.

This focus on quality has become one of the group’s strongest credentials. It is the one of the building blocks in the trust the Apollo brand name commands.

Strong Value System

Other than offering a robust patient-centric approach, Apollo Hospitals is at the forefront of cutting-edge research. The result is from years of intensive research and remarkable success rates propel the hospital forward and continue to deliver favourable results, based on the hospital’s commitments. Despite offering hospital services at a fraction of global costs, Apollo Hospitals nonetheless provides outstanding quality and medical care for those seeking it.

Technology-driven Results

Apollo’s key component to providing exceptional medical care to patients is by employing state-of-the-art technological equipment. One of the leading technological advancements at Apollo is the Proton Beam Therapy, one of the most advanced forms of radiation therapy in the world. The technology is used to combat, treat, and eradicate cancer completely. Currently, the hospital features many highly advanced robotics to assist with delicate surgeries by minimalising injury and boost the patient’s recovery time. Apollo’s integrated robotic systems make the hospital one of India’s leading treatment providers.

Tender Loving Care (TLC)

Apollo’s Tender Loving Care (TLC) is a patient-centric unit dedicated to providing warmth, positivity, and encouragement to patients during their recovery at the hospital.

Road Ahead

The Apollo group has assumed the role in educating and keeping Indians healthy and happy. The group is dedicated to creating personalised treatment plans executed by top-of-the-class medical services to combat Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD).

Socially Conscious

Apollo Hospitals is at the leading forefront of establishing medical facilities and programmes for the underprivileged, including children. Such programmes developed by the group include SACHi (Save a Child’s Heart Initiative), a programme providing paediatric cardiac care to children suffering from heart diseases. Other programmes of note include the SAHI (Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired) assisting children born and suffering from hearing impairment; the CURE Foundation is solely focused on providing cancer screening sessions, cure, and rehabilitation to those who need it. Additionally, the hospital has joined hands with Yuvraj Singh's YOUWECAN, an organisation that provides large-scale cancer screening across the nation.

Due to Apollo Hospital’s commitment to providing quality healthcare only at a tenth of the price offered in the Western world, the hospital and its founder, Dr Prathap C Reddy was bestowed a highly prestigious award by the Government of India.

Recently, the hospital celebrated its 30th year and the group will continuously offer excellence and expertise in healthcare, propelling Apollo Hospitals to be the number one destination for medical tourism in India.


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